Pictures and Videos

In 2016, a group of REEF Ambassadors visited the Family Well Being Center in Playa Uvita/Dominical and leant a helping hand on the construction of the center. They also provided a financial donation which was used for materials to finish the construction and finalizing the payment on the property.  This video created by the REEF We Heart program is very inspirational. We are very grateful for their contribution to the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation and their program. 

This is a video made by one of the group of dental/medical mission. It was an amazing experience…and we saw more than 400 patients both dental and medical. And we taught a lot about self care and prevention of illness. And, the Costa Rican and the US professionals got along great. Wonderful experience for all…the patients loved them too! 

A film created by individual volunteer Michelle Neyland, about some of the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation projects.

A documentary created by individual volunteer Dana Freedman, about some of the hardships the women from La Carpio have lived through. The CRHF works with these women simultaneously empowering them and the community.

Village of Hope: La Carpio from Dana Freedman on Vimeo.

Video of a typical dancing activity in 2007 coordinated by the CRHF and La Promesa community