Bismark…He is the guy who came to Costa Rica at the age of 8 by himself to find a way to help his mother in Nicaragua to feed herself and the other kids. Of course, when an 8 year old comes to a place alone, it doesn’t take long for him to get involved with a group of other kids on the street and get into some trouble. He is 30 now and has returned to Nicargua. And he called again yesterday to tell me he is having these awful symptoms and is afraid he is going to die. All I could do was tell him not to be afraid to die. And he is afraid because he thinks he is going to go to Hell. Because of all the things he did when he lived on the street. But, I took him on a review of his life..why would an 8 year old leave his mother and go off to another country? Because there is no food. Why would an 8 year old get into a group living on the street? Because he is lonely. Why would a 12 year old rob? Because he needs to eat. Why would a 15 year old continue to rob? Because by now he is addicted with no one to help him out of the dilema. How did he survive all this? Because he is strong and brave. Now he is with his mother. But in Nicaragua, there is NO work. No money. If he finds a job, he works a day to earn money for just breakfast. He has a wife and family and is right back where he was before, no way to feed the family. I prayed with him on the phone and told him that if he is truly sorry for the things he did ..and understands that he did them out of need, he will not go to Hell. Who knows if Hell exists anyway…Certainly not for a sweet guy like this who is suffering so much…Or maybe he already is in Hell…I hope this is not the last time I speak to him. But if it was, I think I gave him the comfort he needs for his next stage. I hope.