Bunk Beds and Basic Food Baskets

Bunk Beds

We realize that without a full stomach and a good night’s sleep, a child is not likely to fare well in a school setting. We have made and distributed over four thousand bunk beds providing nearly every child in La Carpio a better sleeping situation through our “A Bed for Every Child” program. The beds are comfortable, but small enough to fit into often crowded housing. The workshop for the beds is organized by youth volunteers who are in recuperation from prison or difficult family issues. Thus they have experience in managing inventory, tools, teaching volunteers and are able to give back to the community. We call this program the “silent revolution”.

Food Program

Currently, we are partnered with Auto Mercado‘s social program. With this we are providing hundreds of people food which is still good for consumption but not for store selling purposes. The people pay a small fare to transport the food from the markets to their communities in exchange for a good amount of perfectly good fruits, vegetables, dairies and other products.

We have also given out thousands of  basic food baskets and food rations to families that are on the brink of  hunger. When women who have tried all they can think of to feed their children, we have been there for them with a kind gesture and a practical act. For two years we ran a bimonthly food distribution campaign and are now receivig free left over food from local supermarkets to give out.