La Finca

In 2009, we were donated a small quinta, or property with fruit trees in the countryside. The CRHF have been developing this farm as we learn little by little about what to do with it. The Finca has been a wonderful retreat and safe site for living.

Nela and Jonathan, two of our former street kids also lived here. As they learned to run a farm, this couple became more and more healthy and sure of themselves. They hosted many groups from la Carpio so they could have a day in the country to swim in the river, explore the area, cook outdoors and generally share their joys and difficulties.

Volunteers working at the finca participate as well by helping to create infrastructure, plant and care for animals. Our sponsored child, Keyla, who is Nela’s daughter, enjoyed spending weekends at this sweet place as she also learned to care for nature. Nela later moved to San Carlos to set up a Family Well-Being Center in a region where many nicaraguan refugees have made a new home.

Women from La Carpio give a nature workshopto the Women from la Leon XIII in La Finca
Women from La Carpio give a nature workshop to the Women from la Leon XIII in La Finca

In 2015 a new vision of what the Finca could evolve into is started with the assistance of Maria and Francisco. With the ever increasing demand to make a more sustainable interaction between humans and the world, the CRHF was able to create a sustainable farm to showcase to visitors, including rainwater catchment systems, drip irrigation and organic fertilizers.

As of 2024 we are looking into new opportunities and land in Ciudad Colon to begin a new and permanent property for the CRHF.  We are seeing the importance of mental health in development of the communities we serve and the populations who visit us from abroad. Our hope is to focus our efforts on creating a space which will open a new area of service for the CRHF.