Montessori Daycare Center

In response to the organic growth La Carpio, we have opened a full day center for the care of children of working parents. This program has two teams of teachers who work two shifts to provide quality care for the children. The local women who run this program have received training in local Montesori schools and have been learning with the children and their parents about how this system can be beneficial to all.

La Carpio Model Education Center
La Carpio Model Education Center

In all three of our facilities, we have emphasized self help and skills to take advantage of the resources available. We have provided funding for many small business enterprises and have given what was needed so that women could look for work for themselves. This has included basic food baskets, bus fare, clothing, shoes, counseling, recommendations and child care. We have also given housing to six families whose special needs included medical situations that did not allow them to seek work.

Our work in Carpio has had a huge impact on the community and we look forward to continuing to see this population of children and adults improve the quality of their lives. We plan to work street by street to beautify each area, to paint houses, to plant trees and flowers, to upgrade some of the houses so that people can live in more substantial dwellings and to work with the school to provide supplemental education for the children.

We have reached our goal of having our current programs continue and to provide increased autonomy for the women who now work with us as they run all the programs themselves.