Women’s Co-ops

The women in La Carpio have demonstrated bravery and creativity as they took the initiative to leave the country of their birth and look for a better future for themselves and their children. As a Foundation, we have supported the process of the women as they dealt with past tragedies, post traumatic shock syndrome, abusive situations both personal and institutional and moved into the arena of hope, trust and belief. It has been a long process, but one that is incredibly fulfilling for all involved.

Now, the women are working at the top of the Poverty Reduction Model of Development (PREMDEV) as they create crafts products to sell to interested volunteers and others. We invite visitors to come to our shop and meet the women who make the jewelry, bags, angel dolls, purses, miniature houses and baskets from recycled material. Several of the women have also formed a catering service for volunteers so that we can assure they have a good hot lunch after a morning of hard physical labor.