Volunteer Scholarly Articles – Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation

Part of the mission of the CRHF is to provide International visitors, including academics, a better sense of the reality of the most vulnerable and low-income communities in Costa Rica. A reality that creates challenges which are universal to many low-income communities across the globe. Food insecurity, wanting health and social services, difficulties in access to education and housing, traumas and many forms of abuse, marginalization and racism, and many other challenges.

Our hope is that by sensitizing visitors to the beneficiaries’ realities, visitors will make more informed decisions in the future.

Many visitors come to learn about these challenges and conduct research projects to benefit the community and in some cases expose these realities to the world.

We have created this page with links to some of the many research projects we have provided support and logistics for. We are very grateful when these scholarly articles attribute the CRHF, and Gail Nystrom specifically for her contribution to the documents.

Some of these links are to the abstract, as the entire articles can only be accessed by paying a fee. We also hope this inspires visiting volunteers on the possible projects and research they can carry out while visiting us.

Links to Articles

Empowering Women through Photovoice: Women of La Carpio, Costa Rica Click here

Building Comunidad: Fundacion Humanitaria de Costa Rica Click here

Dramatic Problem Solving: Transforming Community Conflict
through Performance in Costa Rica Click here or here

A world of difference Click Here

Understanding Adolescent Pregnancy through a
Gender Socialization Approach
A Study of Costa Rican Adolescents of Nicaraguan
origin, in San Jose, Costa Rica Click here

Good Works –
Changing (with) Civic Engagement at Duke University Click here

Social Boundaries and Cultural Identity in Costa
Rica: Implications for the Well-being of Nicaraguan
Immigrants Click here

Quaker faith in action through the
Alternatives to Violence Project Click here


Große Exkursion
Costa Rica Click here

Village of Hope: La Carpio Click here