Continued Support

There are several ways for you to continue to support us. Below are some of the options which help continue, expand and strengthen the mission and vision of the organization. Thank you for taking the time to read about our foundation.

Contact us via WhatsApp +506 8837 5205 if you have any questions.

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Volunteer Feedback Form

By filling out the following form, we are able to improve the experience and capacity for volunteers. Part of our mission is to foster greater sensitivity in volunteers to the reality of the populations served so that they will make decisions in a more informed and meaningful way.


Donations and Fundraisers

We always welcome financial support. This can be designated to a specific project or can be given to the general funds.

$1000 a month sponsors one of our Family Well-Being Centers for a month, where over 40 youth and their families benefit from our FWBC model. $25 a month sponsors one child in our FWBC youth development program. $20 provides a basic food basket for a single mother. $20 a month sponsors a child for a month in our sports program. $10 a month provides a week’s worth of food for a family in need through our food bank program.

Visit our Donations Page by clicking here for different options we have for direct financial contributions. This includes options such as PayPal, Venmo, and 501c3 tax deductible donations in the USA.

Recurring donations through our PayPal account is one of the most effective ways to support us with minimal effort. Just as any other subscription service, you can set up a monthly payment.


Facebook Fundraiser: You can create a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser or general Facebook fundraiser through our sister organization Wells Mountain Initiative in the USA. Please ensure to notify us of any fundraisers to the email or WhatsApp +506 8837 5205.

Tax Deductible Venmo, Google, Apple Pay, Stocks, Crytpo Etc.: We can receive donations, including tax deductible, using these options through our affiliate organization Amigos of Costa Rica. Please make sure to add in the comments that it should be destined to the “Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation” to ensure funds reach intended location. 


Visit our online ETSY shop for a variety of souvenirs including mugs and t-shirts. The producer we have partnered with has sustainable practices at the core of its business model, including partnering with NGO’s globally to reduce carbon footprint.

In-Kind Donations

We always welcome in kind donations. Many times we receive lightly worn second hand items which we can redistribute to the different populations we serve. Visiting international volunteers often times will bring a suitcase full of goods.

Clothing includes shoes, socks, pants, t-shirts, hats and sunglasses. Many visiting volunteers will organize a clothing drive at their local school or community.

Food including non-perishable and long shelf-life items such as canned goods, flours and powdered milk.

Medicines, Medical Supplies and Hygiene items, especially over the counter medication such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, laxatives, antihistamines and similar. Medical supplies such as eyeglasses and blood sugar testers. Hygiene items including soap, toothpaste, feminine hygiene, diapers and diaper cream and toothbrushes.

Educational Material including bilingual and spanish books. School supplies for the school year including notebooks, pens, pencils, colored pencils, glue, compasses, rulers and other algebra tools.


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