Pedro and Rescate Soccer Team

In 2007, as part of a college graduation project, Francisco Nystrom created the Rescate Soccer league. This initiative started as a few trainings and matches with just 10-20 youth from La Carpio.

Due to the benefits, demand and interest from community memebers of La Carpio, the Costa Rican Humanitaria Foundation made this an integral part of its program in La Carpio. Since then the CRHF has sponsored thousands of youth to become a part of the sports program.

Thanks to the donations and sponsorships the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation receives we have been able to provide the resources needed, including providing stipends to the collaborators in coaching and assistant coaching.

The CRHF has provided CRHF collaborator/soccer coach Pedro and assistant coaches with a stipend so they can continue to assist with the care of 150 youth from La Carpio. We have been doing this for 15 years.

Pedro and the assistants are like father substitute for all of them . The CRHF provides the resources so they can take them to games, to outings, to get the food. We set up their competitions with other leagues. We organizes training sessions. The coaches give them advice and counseling. The coches live in the community and are available 24/7. When they lose a game we console them. When they win, we celebrates.

The Rescate team philosophy is that it is not about the win. It is about the play. The sports program has made La Carpio to be respected and not made fun of. Before and after every game, the coaches do a circle and prepare the team for what is to come. I think this is Love.

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