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“Out of the Labryinth”

I did it…photocopied and placed in a three ring binder, the nearly 300 pages of the book, “Out of the Labryinth” was presented to the book club of the Newcomer’s club of Costa Rica yesterday. My life is so tightlly woven with these kids. What went into that book draft? My whole life.

The women were wonderfully attentive and supportive of this project and I thank Mary Alice Lesko for hosting this group at her home. Looking forward to the next phase…rewrite, edit, organize, find some way to publish. It is going to happen….for THEM. Abram, Eric, Henry, Jason, Nelson, Pollito, Pirri, Daniel, Betun, Chino, Isais, Aaron, Lazaro, Harold, Yvette, Jacqueline, Marta, Mariela, Chuki, Nela and….Kela the child and survivor and thriver. Hasta siempre.