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Best Places to Visit in Costa Rica Vol. 3 – Inspiring Change: Stories from Volunteers with the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation

What better way to understand the transformative power of volunteering than by hearing the stories of those who have experienced it firsthand? Volunteers with the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation have countless tales of inspiration, resilience, and the profound impact of their service with one of the best places to visit in Costa Rica. This for both themselves and the communities they’ve served.

“La Carpio taught me that there is poverty in paradise. If you can find the good or make it, you’ll be happy.” – Rowan

English Classes

Take, for example, Sarah, a volunteer from the United States who spent a summer teaching English in a rural Costa Rican village. Despite initially feeling nervous about her ability to connect with her students, Sarah was amazed by their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. Through her dedication and passion for teaching, she not only helped her students improve their English skills but also formed deep bonds with them that she cherishes to this day.


Then there’s Dave, a healthcare volunteer who traveled from Utah to provide medical assistance in underserved communities. Witnessing the lack of access to basic healthcare services firsthand, Javier was inspired to do everything in his power to make a difference. From conducting health screenings to providing education on preventive care, he helped improve the health and well-being of countless individuals and families, leaving a lasting legacy of compassion and care.

I am grateful to have clean running water.” – Oscar 


And let’s not forget about Megan, an environmental enthusiast who volunteered with the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation to participate in animal and forest conservation. Through her efforts, she helped restore habitats, protect endangered species, and combat deforestation—a critical issue facing Costa Rica’s delicate ecosystems. Maria’s dedication to environmental conservation not only had a positive impact on the environment but also inspired others to take action and become stewards of the land.

“Getting rid of my phone actually gave me more energy.” – Lucas

These are just a few of the countless stories of inspiration and impact that emerge from volunteering with the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation. Each volunteer brings their own unique skills, experiences, and perspectives to the table, yet they all share a common goal: to make a positive difference in the world and leave the communities they serve better than they found them. Their stories serve as a testament to the power of volunteerism to transform lives, build connections, and create a brighter future for all.

Best Places to Visit in Costa Rica Vol. 2 – Volunteering Opportunities with the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation

Making an Impact in Costa Rica

Unlock opportunities to create lasting change with the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation. Whether you’re passionate about education, healthcare, environmental conservation, or community development, there are a variety of volunteer programs that are some of the best places to visit in Costa Rica.

“This trip has definitely changed my life and others forever” – Walker L. 


For those interested in education, volunteering with the CRHF provides the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children and adults alike. Whether you’re teaching English, leading workshops on STEM subjects, or providing academic support to students, you’ll play a crucial role in expanding access to quality education and empowering individuals to reach their full potential.


If healthcare is your passion, consider volunteering with medical professionals to provide essential services to underserved communities. From conducting health screenings to assisting with medical outreach programs, your efforts can make a tangible difference in improving access to healthcare and promoting community well-being.


Environmental enthusiasts can join conservation projects aimed at protecting Costa Rica’s rich biodiversity and natural resources. Whether you’re planting trees, working with wildlife populations, or participating in beach cleanups, you’ll contribute to the preservation of the country’s stunning natural landscapes and promote sustainable practices for future generations.

Sustainable Development

For those interested in community development, there are opportunities to participate in projects that address pressing social issues such as poverty, housing insecurity, and food insecurity. From building homes for families in need to supporting local entrepreneurs through microfinance initiatives, your efforts can help create a more equitable and inclusive society for all Costa Ricans.

No matter your area of interest, one of the best places to visit in Costa Rica is volunteering with the CRHF. This offers a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact while immersing yourself in the beauty and culture of Costa Rica. So why wait? Join us in our mission to create positive change and embrace Pura Vida through volunteerism today.