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Juegos Indígenas – Indigenous Games 2024 Costa Rica

In keeping with our longstanding commitment to indigenous populations, we are sponsoring the initiative of Gamaniel Molina Diaz to co-host the Indigenous Games.

This two day festival and competition invites over 200 indigenous of all ages to try their hand at traditional activities in brotherly competition. There will be bows and arrows, chopping wood, blow guns, rope pulling and others. In addition, the women’s association Kabata Konana will prepare meals all the competitors for the two days.

Visitors from around the world have been invited to participate . Traditional food will be available as will many handmade crafts. The opening and closing ceremonies will be presented by the elders of the community complete with storytelling and ancient chants.

Thanks to the generous donation of the Little Theater Group, CRHF is overseeing the food and housing arrangements for the 200 athletes. The local indigenous women’s group will handle all the preparation of three roasted pigs, local fruits and vegetables, hearty breakfast and comfortable sleeping arrangements.

We thank Supermarket Avenida 10 and their manager Laura Castillo, Florida Ice and Farm for donating water, Barguil mattress company, and Esteban Aguilar for supplying eggs.

Barry and his wife of Pura Vida Hotel have coordinated the visitor invitations, the Ark Botanical Farm and Restaurant provided the video and ARCR, through Martha Rollins is supporting with cash donations.

This will be an epic event and we hope it will be the precursor to the expanded Indigenous International Olympics 2025.

Click Here for the Video

📞Contactos: Gama 8877-0228 o Berni (solo habla inglés) 8701-3411 or CRHF WhatsApp or Cel +(506) 8837-5205

Please consider donating to the CRHF to continue its support of indigenous communities.

My Book is My Friend

There wasnt a shelf…

As with all our projects we try to anticipate needs. But..we also live in a place where what we think might happen doesnt. Like the time we were building a classroom and had to move a HUGE rock away. And we just did it. No fuss. A lot of sweat.

So..I went to Suretka where our building for the first indigenous library is complete. My goal was to set up the space for the materials we were donating. When I arrived I found quite a bit of construction debris so the school cleaning lady and two of the male staff swept and mopped and cleared out stuff. Then we brought in our boxes of materials.

You think this was easy!? It was sweat induced hot. The sweat was dripping off my nose. There was a great white table donated by Michael and Michaela..with the legs unscrewed for storage convenience. There was no phillips head screwdriver to be found. And no shelf on which to put the materials.

No problem you say? Just head over to the local ferreteria for 18 cement blocks and four wooden planks and a screwdriver. They offered me a huge fancy screwdriver for $10…I said…” I just need a little one”. and voila..they came up with a perfect teeny screwdriver for $1,50. Unfortunately they didn’t have one cement block or one wooden board. So, off I went on a hunt for these materials.

Thus..Giselle got to meet the neighbors. I found a place where a guy was cutting wood and he gave me four boards. and miraculously the school came up with 8 cement blocks and I had my shelves.

We brought life and color and learning to these kids.